Stylish Moments

Back from shopping

Between my 400 sq. ft apartment in Paris and the province where I work, I have to be really organized. I don’t have much time to shop for groceries…
Anwesha, age 30, lives in Paris

Anwesha, age 30, never forgets to bring back spices when she hops over to see her family in Mumbai. The young woman, who is also an avid reader, strikes a balance by eating organic and adopting a green attitude whenever she can.

Me and my containers or the little secrets of my well-being


Eating healthy takes a bit of thought: I don’t have much time to shop for groceries. I buy the right amounts in bulk and keep my organic food in glass jars. No plastic bags.

Quick tip Fruits and vegetables never stay in my fridge for long, to keep their vitamins intact. Into the blender and my detox smoothie is ready.

My “it” accessories

On weekends I take an hour to prepare soup. I keep it in a tall glass container with a pouring spout, which fits into the fridge door. I also use one for sugar or my organic flour.

Quick tip My friends giggle about my hoarding of bottles and jars, but they love it when I turn them into glasses for vitamin-filled cocktails.

Lack of space = clever tips

Imagine my cousin’s face when she saw my 400 sq. ft! No choice but to dig up clever jars! Mine can be stacked and the removable lids click together.

Quick tip I choose nice designs so that I can put my salad bowls on the table when we have guests for a meal. And I often give some as presents to my friends!